Can you make a living off of being a graphic designer?

Sites like Redbubble and CafePress make it easy to introduce print-on-demand. Just create an account, upload your graphics and start selling. However, your earning potential with these sites is limited. Creating your own online store with Shopify will give you a much higher income limit.

In addition to directly shipping products, you can also go to local places with your graphic design skills and sell wedding stationery. If you already like blogs, you can also post as a guest or write on your own about graphic design. An overlooked, yet appealing aspect of being a graphic designer is that the job is absolutely a “show me” career. Graphic designers are often wary of working as freelancers too early in their careers because, naturally, they want to learn everything they can while working in a studio.

When working on web design, graphic designers use the colors, font and elements of a company's brand to create personalized images that tell a company story, help clarify a point and divide blocks of text. If you're the type of person who has a wide range of interests and is always eager to learn something new, graphic design could provide you with the right outlet, as it will allow you to learn about what motivates different industries. It's an unfortunate truth that most freelance graphic designers don't look for new clients when they're busy. Therefore, selling icons and illustration packs online will be a good way for graphic designers to make money with digital art.

If you don't have any clients yet, contact other people you've worked with in the past who are willing to provide you with a character reference or testimonial that supports your work ethic, even if it doesn't address your graphic design skills. At Shillington, we have decades of experience guiding students in their graphic design career. If you follow the best SEO practices and monetize your graphic design blog, hundreds of thousands of people will read and share your content. Graphic designers create logos that capture attention, present and represent the essence of the company, and that are memorable to help people recognize the company and encourage their loyalty.

As a freelance graphic design professional, you'll spend much of your career working from home, relatively isolated.

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